Discover Vertegrow

The Future of Food

Vertegrow is growing for a fast-changing world. Consumers expect fresh, nutritious, flavourful and healthy food all year round.

Provenance, traceability and food security have never been more critical. Vertical farming addresses all of these issues and more.

Producing fresh herbs, leafy greens and more from our Scottish site, Vertegrow is at the forefront of the movement.

Growing Vertically

For Vertegrow, growing vertically means growing indoors in a controlled environment which minimises energy and uses harvested rainwater.

We do not use pesticides and we supply only the nutrients that our crops need.

Our stacked crops minimise the building footprint, freeing up farmland for other uses, like tree planting and re-generation.

Plants, People, Planet

Vertegrow is on a mission to provide quality, nutritious food in a carbon neutral way: we grow and sell locally (avoiding flying crops around the world).

We also strive to be a responsible company and a great place to work. Let’s grow better food and have fun doing it.


If you would like to find out more about Vertegrow, or to enquire about the crops we grow and how we can work together, please submit your details below.